Talon Armament Moldable Clench Grip


Specifications for Talon Armament Moldable AR-15/AR-10 TCG Clench Grip:

Manufacturer: Talon Armament
Color: Black
Fabric/Material: High-Impact Thermopolymer
Gun Model: AR-10, AR-15
Weight: 3.5 oz
Thickness: 1.4 in
Height: 4 in

Features of Talon Armament Moldable AR-15/AR-10 TCG Clench Grip

  • Fully moldable grip
  • Customizeable
  • Ambidextrous
  • Positive weapon control
  • Internal storage with affixed compartment door
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Universal fit

Package Contents:

  • Talon Armament Moldable AR-15/AR-10 TCG Clench Grip
  • Instruction sheet
  • Floor plate and attachment assembly
  • 5ML Packet of Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner
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Similar to a dental impression of your teeth, the Talon Clench Grip allows shooters to easily create a firearm grip that is individually molded to their personal grip.image

The new Clench Grip from Talon Armament is a unique and fully customizable drop in replacement for standard AR 15 and AR 10 grips. By allowing users to mold the enhanced grip to their hand, the Clench Grip ensures an unmatched personalized fit that increases comfort, increases accuracy, and lessens fatigue while firing.

The compartment floor plate is affixed by shock cord providing more secure storage while eliminating lost floor plates. As an added bonus, each Talon Clench Grip package includes a 5ML packet of Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner to store conveniently in the Clench Grip compartment.